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      How it all started

      We are two young Kiwi guys from New Zealand who started LMTLS from a garage and a burning desire to create products that people could aspire to.

      Our goal was is to create a story with LMTLS to show that with proper planning and execution, there are no limits to success.

      We realised we had the opportunity to bring a truly unique, affordable and high quality watch to market with a New Zealand influence behind it. From day one it was important for us to create a “win/win” for our customers and LMTLS.

      The 100% natural wood bezel represents the beautiful vast green landscapes across New Zealand. The smart look and quality feel of the watch represents the high quality standard that New Zealand is renowned for. 

      On the 27th of September 2016, 267 backers around the world brought LMTLS to life on Kickstarter raising $33,000 in 30 days.